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S21 time limit and court proceedings

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Landlord by accident
Landlord by accident
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We issued our tenants s21 on 12 March asking them to leave the property on 14 sept as this is when the break clause clicks in. So giving them just over 6 month notice. Does this mean the notice expires on 14 sept and if the tenant doesn’t leave I cannot issue court proceedings as the notice has expired? Or does it mean I can start the court proceedings on 14 Sept?

Also, if I give a new s21 on 1st July asking the tenant to leave on 14 sept, would that be ok? And can I start the court processing’s after 14 sept?

On issuing first s21 in March, tenant raised repairs issues and complained to local authority. Luckily all repairs are nearly fixed and no improvement notice has been received by the council, so assuming old s21 is ok and the new one, if issued, should be ok too?


21/06/2019 22:59

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