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I have engaged the services of Landlord legal Action to take action against a tenant for 2 months arrears in rent. They have served Notice s21 and s8 which expires on Monday 23rd of February. At which time I will have them proceed with court action toward eviction.

However I am now concerned that the tenant has vacated the flat or worse case may lay dead in the bathroom.

The maintenance man has visited the outside of the flat every couple of days finding no sign of life, knocking on the door, he can see no sign of movement when looking through the Kitchen or living room windows, though he is unable to see into the bathroom. He also reports that the bathroom light and fan have been running continuously for the past two weeks and he is concerned that something may have happen to him while in the bathroom.

Neither I nor landlord legal action have heard from the tenant since the notices where sent.

1) I wish to know if I can legally enter to flat perhaps with the local community police officer as witness to verify no harm has come to the tenant and that there is no danger to the building.

2) A lesser action might be to tape a notice across the lock to the front door to establish if he is indeed still living in the flat. Is this a better option?

3) If the flat has indeed been abandoned how do I prove this without communication from the tenant. Do I still have to go to court for legal eviction?

I have asked landlord legal action who say this is a very common occurrence, they have basically said proceed with caution, which is why I now seek further advice.
22/02/2015 21:01

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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