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Ending contract with letting agent

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I have a flat that I have rented via a letting agent for 6 years but I am now retired and have got the time (and newly acquired DIY skills) to look after the flat myself. But in the "Termination" section of my contract with the letting agent it states "The client may terminate the Agent's services by notifying the Agent in writing, but any such written termination will only take effect upon any Tenant or Occupant Vacating the Property following expiry of the Tenancy"

My tenants are an elderly couple in their 90's and I don't want them to leave. I just want them to carry on living in the flat but under my management rather than an expensive and less than competent - that's another story - letting agent. I would save approx £1000/year by managing it myself and do a better job of it.

The query I have is, what is the definition of "vacating"? Do the tenants have to be seen to physically leave the property and move into another home, including taking their possessions? Or alternatively, can "vacating" mean as little as being seen to leave the flat, nip up to Costas for a coffee, then come back an hour later to the flat and sign a new contract directly with me?

24/06/2019 17:50

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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