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Hi team,

My husband and I have a secondary property that we rent through an agent Kingsman Properties. Unfortunately they seem to have gone bankrupt and are now completely unresponsive to all attempts to communicate with them.

We have sent them an immediate cancellation of contract based on them being in breach of the contract. They have however not served the adequate notice to the tenants so we are now in the process of serving them notice directly.

So I am not wondering what is the best kind of notice to provide them with. They are all in room only AST contracts for over 6 months. However it appears that the deposits for 2 of my tenant were not registered so I am unsure if I can serve them with the same kind of notice?

I have filled in a form 6A in all of their names is this the correct form, that form seems very formal and threatening i rather create my own but looking for some guidance on the wording it must include should we need for it to stand up in court.

any advice will be much welcomed.



25/06/2019 11:42

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