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I was the Power of Attorney for a property for my Aunt who has just died. I am now the executor and as the beneficiaries do not wish to keep the property the tenant has been served notice by the agents managing the property.

The tenant let one agent in to value the property for probate, but when she had received the notice to quit she refused to let any agents in. She now makes arrangements with them to attend and then does not let them in. At the same time, she has stopped paying her rent. The agent that managed to get in said that the house was an absolute disgrace and it was very difficult to value because of the mess, cat excrement in the garden etc.

The agents managing the property seem to think that as we have her deposit (which is only 6 weeks) there is nothing to worry about. However, judging by what I have heard about the state of the house, she would be very unlikely to get much of the deposit back ( the beautiful parquet flooring has apparently been ruined).

Is there anything further that I should/could be doing legally to try to enforce payment and ensure that she vacates when she should?

Any help gratefully received.

25/02/2015 11:37

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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