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Current situation;

6 months rent owing.
S21 issued, expired 19-6-19
Valid gas safety in place.
Numerous attempts made through UC to set up direct payments to the LL, but these were challenged by the tenant and put back into payment to the tenant.
Tenant rang on 19-6-19 to verbally report that he would be moving out in the next couple of days & would leave the keys with the next door neighbour.
Numerous attempts via phone & text to contact tenant but to no avail. Keys not left with neighbour.
2 visits made to property on 23 & 24 June. No response from tenant.
Externally the back garden is full of rubbish.
Internally the house looks uninhabited. The upstairs bedroom windows are open potentially invalidating any buildings insurance and putting the neighboring properties at risk. There is a downstairs light on and an external green refuse bin in the kitchen which could be a potential health hazard if left.
On contacting the council on 24 June, they inform me that the council tax benefit claim is still in the tenants' name.
We are aware via social media that the tenant and his family have moved into another rented property in the area, but are refusing to relinquish the keys. (tenant has changed the locks)

In view of the above, do we need to commence possession procedings through the court, or can we contact a locksmith to change the locks and take the property back?


25/06/2019 13:41

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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