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Tenant going to DPT

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Interesting one this ... for a friend, I'd like your take

One of my friend rents a house out through an agent in Surrey, all docs done correctly. All AOK, inc check in inventory and check out inventory with photos. House full cleaned on exit.

Note here the tenant that is leaving (has left last week) was a friend of the agents, this information was obtained accidentally when a junior member of staff let it slip last year as they were doing there annual visit to the property. They did not say anything to them, just banked the info.

So tenants are leaving. All well. Well no.

Massive crack in back door double glazing.
Huge Stain in one of the carpets (4 years old)
Heavy damage to solid oak kitchen worktop (not wear and tear, I've seen the photos)
Door frames have much paint missing down to the wood where somebody has whacked them with things
Blind Damaged
Keys missing for some doors
mould on ceiling in bathroom due to little use of windows (this was my friends family home for ten years before they let it and they know the place has no ventilation issues if you live properly, warm heat and ventilate)

On top of this a water leak the agent had repaired has been left in a terrible state (ceiling cut out) etc etc .. but this I said was to be taken up with the agent, not the tenant. Bad mgt of problem by agent. But as the agent is friends with the tenant .. etc

The agent spent all last week trying to convince the landlord not to take anything from the deposit, but I confirmed to them that they are saying this to help their client/friend, and you should have some money to help repair THEIR damage.

Today I'm told they have applied for the whole deposit back from the DPT and that the agent is trying to force my friend to not go to arbitration as they are "unlikely to see a penny".


I have told them to go after the agent for the work on the water leak via one of the redress schemes.

but the deposit .. thoughts?

26/06/2019 16:50

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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