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My tenant is asking for their deposit via the scheme I used. I did not return the deposit as it was left in such a state I had to have it re decorated which cost more than the actual deposit and was left in such I state it also took time to decorate and rent out and therefore loss of rent for this period. The tenant still feels he should get the deposit back and has gone to the deposit scheme to get the money back, he left over three months ago but has lied to the deposit scheme saying he left within the 3 months so he could claim his deposit back. I sent evidence to the deposit scheme confirming he gave the incorrect leaving date. They accepted my evidence.

The problem I have now is the deposit scheme still wants me to send the money to them and they will be the stakeholder of the deposit now. The only way forward is if either of us get a court order or we come to an agreement who will get the deposit. If nothing is settled the deposit scheme keeps the deposit indefinitely.

Is this normal practice as I feel this does not make any sense since the tenant has given false information. Any advice would be much appreciated thanks

27/06/2019 14:27

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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