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Should I start court action now?

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Hi all. I would welcome your thoughts on the following please. I have a tenant that is in arrears with the rent. I have issued notice to leave the property and they have intimated that they will be going. They have not intention of paying rent and I very much doubt that they will let me know where they move too. On this basis, I am thinking that I start court action now whilst they are still in the house. This could, I think go one of 2 ways. It could either make them pay something to me or make them dig their heels in further. I am hoping that the concern of getting a CCJ will make them pay up. In the court action, I will put all rent up to the date that they are due to leave.

Any thoughts please?

Also, I have found out that the original tenant moved another person into the property who is not on the tenancy. Any thing I can do about that. Can I list them on the court papers as they know that they should not be in the property without being on the agreement?

Many thanks for your help

01/07/2019 21:46

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