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Problem getting insurance cover for a rental on same site as home accommodation?

You are here : Member Forums General Discussion Problem getting insurance cover for a rental on same site as home accommodation?
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Hello colleagues. This query is for the BinLaw who lives in a rural location in Shropshire, with loads of sheep. Some years ago he converted stables on his land into rental 'family' accommodation. Very swish, very unique very picturesque views, has extensive parking & enclosed, for security reasons inside a walled garden fitted with posh electronic gates. No more thefts from the barns, no more sheep-rustling,egg nicking, no more opportunistic sneaky thefts when he or his tenant are out tending to their respective acres.
Problem arisen because the guy disclosed his top-doe walled enclosure of the area [ with electronic gates] protecting the two properties..his own & the 'tenanted' property.
The Ins comp have now refused to insure the two properties. The explanation being that the properties 'are on the same deed & share the same boundary'. The properties have different addresses & both are separately registered for C.Tax.

Can anyone suggest an Ins Company to approach as the Binlaw is anxious to buy cover. He's approached local firms because of the preponderance of 'let' properties in the area. Not been successful because of the above, plus he generates solar power electricity which feeds both houses & the surplus feds into the n grid. I did suggest just buying the two 'covers' separately which is what I'd do. Needs must & all that. He's above subterfuge he exclaimed & wants to be 'above board'. That was me told!

Way, way out of my league as I'm inner-city[where even the sparrows have COPD] only. Anyone got info to share please? Many thanks.

01/07/2019 22:40

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