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3 not disimilar scenarios M Golding 2368

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Mike Golding
Mike Golding
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Property 1. We are sustaining damage from a neighbouring property (leaks through roof gulleys/joining parapet walls) We cannot physically access their part of roof (from our existing scaffold)due to slope of road. Written to both interested shared freeholders (one of whom is in residence at the property) but both decline to enter into any dialogue regarding access or indeed carrying out repairs to their property.

property 2 . Similar problem but in this case removal of offending/damaged fascia's gutters etc to our property is not possible as adjoined to neighbours which, being in a terrible state of repair will collapse completely if we attempt any further work We have spoken to the owner/occupier who states he has not funds to spend on any repairs. We have written (and spoken to) the interested mortgage company, who we like to think would have a vested interest in the building - on premise it is theirs until mortgage settled. In a telephone conversation with said company they commented they had never had to deal with such an enquiry and we had to write in for their lawyers to discuss!! this we have done.

Property 3. Worst case! Our property has no garden. The rear wall of the property is the 'garden' wall of an adjacent property. The neighbouring property owner will allow us to work from her garden but demands compensation! However access to her garden can only be made from her neighbours property - by removing two fence panels. This second property owner is unwilling to discuss matters.

In all three cases we have asked the local council environmental department for their advice but as expected this is well outside their comprehension of the real world and would possibly mean they would have to put their coffee down and think. Not something our local council workers are capable of.!

Comments on a way forward - hopefully without litigation, would be much appreciated.

Michael Golding
12/03/2015 11:41

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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