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can I still issue N325

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I have a CCJ against tenant dated 20/11/17 when she owed £11k. Have been "working with her" and arrears now over £5k (by means of her letting out spare room to lodgers so I am still working for my crust) & in making these efforts I issued her with a renewed tenancy dated 19/2/19 for her to show council, (to prove I was still her landlord, as she was taking them to tribunal, saying the arrears happened due to them stopping her benefits unfairly, they did pay half since the CCJ, but claim she didn't fill in appropriate forms etc etc). Anyway, she has been a thorn in side (since 2013 and I am pretty tolerant as you can tell) and continues to "cross lines" and I want to know, am I still able to issue N325 (request for possession of land (05.14)) or do I have to start again with section 8's and whatever on the strength of remaining arrears. I won't retrieve any money from her once I issue this, but have had "enough" .Question 2. Despite the huge arrears, council allowed her to go onto Universal Credit, where she gets paid rent direct, do I have any "rights" over rent she is paid if she stops paying any once she knows I am starting the eviction process again (which could take months) Thanking you in anticipation

05/07/2019 08:48

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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