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Husband and wife sign 6-month joint AST starting on 1st October 2014. Monthly rent. Landlord got Estate Agent to manage property. Husband leaves wife and takes all documentation to do with property.

Estate Agent call wife 2 weeks before the AST is due to expire, stating that she must leave propoerty in 2 weeks (end March 2015). She has asked them for the Tenancy as she does not have a copy.

1) Does the Estate Agent legally have to issue documentation to her (at a cost maybe)

2) I thought that the Estate Agent should be giving her 2 months notice starting on the next rent day (1st April 2015). Is this true?

3) This seems like a reltaliatory eviction as she has constantly asked for repairs on the property that the couple did not cause. Can anything be done?

4) Estate Agent is stating that the Joint Tenancy no longer applies (as her husband has left the property and is not coming back). How does this stand up legally?

Estate Agent is hassling her so she feels like digging heels in and not paying for next months rent and leaving at end of April 2015.
18/03/2015 18:55

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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