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Information to issue section 21 correctly

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I have been looking to issue section 21 to one of my tenant (cpl) who lives in a room in a shared house (not hmo).

I have few queries, please advice:

  1. The tenancy agreement is in the name of couple, but tenancy agreement does not have mr or mrs in front of Both their names. And I am not sure if girl is mrs or miss or ms. So should I put both names in section 21 as is on the tenancy agreement (i.e without mr or mrs title)?
  2. In tenancy agreement, even my name (landlord) does not have Mrs in front of my name. So, do I put Mrs in front of my name on s21 or no?

Also tenancy agreement was signed on 31/03/2107 and tenant was issued all relevant documents (We used your essential checklist and agreement) - and they signed that they received all them documents. But epc ended after that and I have new one.

  1. So, do I have to send her new epc before section 21?
  2. Do I have to also send her new right to rent before sending section 21?
  3. Recent Gas safety is displayed in kitchen of the property. Do I have to also send her a copy of recent gas safety certificate before s21?

Please advice asap.

Many thanks.


09/07/2019 15:58

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