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Annoying tenant!

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Hi all,

First time ever i have a tenant who not paid rent,all because during property inspection we found three other members in house and the housemates confirmed that this person ( my tenant) is their landlord and charging each 60 per room per week, we confronted original tenant , he said he got no job and can't afford the rent so he has to do this way, we served him section 8 ground 12 , but before that he asked us to give him 2 months to find something . So on section 8, notice we put the date of court action as 24/3/15 , during February , his attitudes completely changed and he kept saying he has contract untill February 2016 , so he wont move out before and situation is , he is neither paying rent nor moving out, last Saturday , he phoned and said if you want me to move out go to council and get me house through them. We refused to do so. In mean time, he said he has applied for HB , but nothing confirmed,
Since last week , all his sub tenants moved out and he is on his own in property ( neighbours confirmed that as well) but no intention to pay and still sticking up with contract up to Feb 2016, during last nights meeting he was saying if he finds the property he will go , but there is no property available. I think he has no intention to pay or move out.
My option is go to court for unpaid rent and possession but he wants that i allow him to put 3 other tenants on contract and serve him fresh 6 months, but for court , he said he don't give a damn , i don't need to attend the hearings as my family member would be ill that day and keep asking more time for hearing, you will loose out at the end of day!
I am in that situation where i loose out both ways, do you think serve him fresh 6 months contract with all four peoples name on it - is better option, in that case he said he will pay all unpaid rent?
What would you do if you were in my shoes?
I have never been to court so don't know for unpaid rent , what are the chances to get property back on first hearing?
Help please!
21/03/2015 10:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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