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section 21 & deposits

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Emma L
Emma L
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I just need a little bit of clarification. When I am getting a tenant to sign a new shorthold agreement can I get them to also sign a Section 21 at the same time as long as I. put a 5 minute lapse between signing the lease and then the Section 21. I was under the impression that a Section 21 could not be served until the deposit had been submitted, however I was talking to,the owner of a property management company yesterday and he informed me that you can now serve the Section 21 at the same time the tenant signs a new lease.

My 2nd question...every time a tenant signs a new lease do I have to request repayment of the Deposit from the DPS and then resubmit the deposit, send out new prescribed information and the terms and conditions of the DPS? It seems an awful lot of admin work especially as I Have tenants who have been in our properties for 2 or more years on 12 month agreements. I inspect the properties on a regular basis and then just draw up a new lease and Section 21 each year...I am I doing it wrong? This was another rumour that I heard as apparently Judges in Court are being a bit more ruthless and not giving Landlords possession of their properties unless they have re-submitted the deposit each time a new shorthold lease is signed?
25/03/2015 14:01

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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