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Preparing for a Section 8

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I'm currently renting out a room in a 2 bed flat to a tenant using the RLA Room Only DepositGuard AST.

26/04 - 25/05: Tenant paid deposit plus first month's rent
26/05 - 25/06: Tenant paid the rent albeit almost 2 weeks late and after a formal notice was sent to remind the tenant it was overdue by 7 days.
26/06 - 25/07: Tenant has yet to pay at time of this posting, and two letters have been issued to remind it is overdue, 7 days and 14 days (will continue to remind each week)

The Tenant has stopped communicating and emails keep bouncing back due to their inbox being full. The Tenant is also annoying the other flatmate in the other room by leaving the hallway lights on at night, walking around in shoes on wooden flooring at unreasonable hours (e.g. after midnight), and even one time locking her out by popping on the front door's chain lock.

So, assuming Tenant does not pay rent for 26/07 - 25/08 period, I was looking to issue a Section 8 (S8) on 27/07 which would be 2 months arrears + 1 day.

Grounds I would be using are:
G1: I previously lived here and would like to take back the room as my brother-in-law is coming over and he could use it during his 2-year working holiday
G8, G10 and G11: Arrears, delayed payment
G12: Tenant has excess personal items stored in shared areas (as listed on the AST - e.g. living room, balcony). Items include a bookshelf, 4 cabin luggage suitcases and a tall mirror in the living room, and about 15 boxes and other random items on the balcony. There's a clause in the AST (paragraph C4) that mentions not to bring in furniture without written consent.

Obviously, I won't be able to issue a S21 at the same time as this won't be due until 27/08, but as it'll be my first S8, have I missed anything?

Many thanks in advance.

12/07/2019 22:20

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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