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Hi Guys,

I am renting a 2 bed flat to a father and son (Aged 50 & 19 years old) that are both entitled to JSA but the son through choice doesn't receive any benefit. For this reason my local council have recently applied a 14.55 a week non-dependant deduction from my tenants previous entitlement to the 2 bed rate of 90.90, so I am now only receiving 76.35 per week..

When I spoke to the council about the deduction I was advised that the deduction was due to the non-dependant not being in receipt of benefit (ESA, IS, JSA etc..). However the non-dependant, who is the 19 year old son of the tenant is entitled to receive benefit (JSA) but he refuses to sign on and is in receipt of no income. Mainly due to the fact that he spends half of his life in bed and his mother and grandparents partly fund his continuous loss of benefits.

Is there any way around this deduction, on human rights or any other angle, as the son is in receipt of no income is it still possible for him to claim housing benefit..?? His father is being continuously penalised and would get 80 if his son was off the claim so this might be an option, however we would prefer to get the 2 bed rate..?? Please advise..!!

Many thanks
13/04/2015 13:29

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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