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Dealing with rent arrears

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How to deal with one of the biggest downsides to BTL.

Rent arrears seem to be a big problem with landlords, especially those with tenants on benefits, usually it is not a case of no rent being paid at all but a drip drip effect which causes arrears to mount up.

So how do you deal with this ? For example i receive a managed payment from one tenant on housing benefit, although i get the money paid directly the top up amount gets forgot about, constant reminders to the tenant and sometimes its paid but often its not.

At which point do you draw the line and say enough is enough and its time to evict ? Is it worth the aggro of evicting for maybe a small sum each month of say £40 / £50, but essentially this builds up over months / years to be considerable sums.

16/07/2019 09:24

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