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To clarify the proposal re closing the Forum to non members. Non members would still be able view postings but not post a question. However ONLY members will be able to view the responses provided by the RLA helpdesk who will contribute to discussions. RLA help desk responses may also include links to the forms required or additional pages which will cover further detail on the subject under discussion. Also members will be able to have an "online handle" user name. We appreciate some members may wish to be anonymous. (Especially if posting about a tenant).

Members will make the decision about closing the Forum to non members however our records clearly show many people repeatedly register to post a question to get the answer and have no intention of joining - and a negligible few actually join after registering to use the forum. - They simply want free info. If members are happy to pay to give other landlords free answers and info then the forum will be open to all.

Richard Merrick RLA

The question to vote on being

The RLA forum is in the process of being refined and new features including sub forums being introduced. Significant investment will be incurred and there is a decision to be made as to whether the RLA forum should remain open to non RLA members. Please vote by Logging in using you membersí number and surname (one Vote per a member)
Member choices are:

KEEP THE FORUM FREE TO ALL USERS (tenants and Landlords)
For - Allows healthy debate and assists landlords and tenants in acquiring knowledge and contribute to positive balanced discussions in the market.
Against - RLA Members pay for the services and non members are benefiting. YES :

For - RLA will invest in enhancing this service and develop a more effective online members' community. Against - non members and tenants may not have an opportunity to seek help and guidance and this contribution may be missed. YES :

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05/06/2006 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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