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Hi -we have tenants who we have had problems with during the tenancy(smoking in the flat) who now want to extend the tenancy when it comes to the end of the fixed term - we were not keen to do so but they are really keen to stay. On an inspection to help us decide we noticed the following areas of concern

black sooty marks on the walls from candles

water damage to a coffee table

large burn mark in the shape of an iron which they had tried to hide with a rug

large marks on the carpet where they have had plants

they think they have looked after the flat very well !

We have not mentioned any of the above to them yet as obviously they have until the end of their current tenancy to put things right.

We do not know whether to issue a section 21 notice now to get them out at the end of their tenancy or whether this will cause bad feeling and they may be difficult and not leave in which case we will be involved in an expensive court case, or let them stay for another 6 months like they want to and then hope they leave then with no problems and we address the areas of damage then ?

They have always paid their rent on time

Any advice would be appreciated

16/07/2019 11:30

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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