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Tenant/ guarantor not paying rent and other nuisance problems

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Looking for advice please in order to reclaim possession of property from tenant who does not pay rent, has moved her boyfriend in and this has caused problems for many of the neighbours.

The tenancy agreement was signed on the 6th of December 2014 and witnessed. Rent is to be paid Per Calendar Month direct into my bank account.

A Section 21 was issued and signed by the tenant on the 6th of December and ends on the 5th of June.
A Deed of Guarantor and Bank Standing Order form was also signed and witnessed by her mother.
No Deposit was taken.

The tenant is on Housing Benefits so thanks to the wonderful Universal Credit System, she gets the money each month and then is supposed to pay the rent to the Landlord.

The tenant paid the rent in cash one month in advance on the 6th of December 2014.
The next payment after much chasing on my part and many excuses by the tenant was in cash on the 12th of February.

No payments have been received since, just more excuses.

The tenancy agreement has a section stating who is allowed to live in the property which it was agreed that the female and her young daughter were the only tenants.

It now appears that she has let the daughters father stay at the property and this has brought more problems.

The neighbours have phoned me on a number of occasions to complain about a number of males fighting in the gardens and also that rubbish has been strewn over the gardens, a gate has been broken and they have been spraying paint onto windows etc.

I have sent instructions to the tenant regarding the complaints, stating who is entitled to live at the property and that I will be calling round to see her and inspect the condition of the property once we get home from vacation.

I do not currently use a letting agent but will definitely be using an agent next time the property is rented out as I do not live close by and am very busy, struggling to find time to visit.

Thank You
15/04/2015 08:22

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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