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Leasehold Buy to Let Property Subletting

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I own a leasehold property which I bought as a buy to let. I am currently renting it out. I have been asked by the Management company to pay £130 for the registration of a tenant as I am "subletting" my flat buy to let. I find this extortionate as the management company does not even manage the tenant in my flat. I am not sure what I am paying them to do. In addition to this I pay a huge annual amount of service charges that keeps on increasing every year despite there being no value added to the block of apartments (where my flat is) by the Management Company. They claim that if I do not pay the registration fee, legal action will be taken against me as I will be in breach of the terms of the lease agreement. My questions are:

  1. Has anyone who has a lease hold buy to let property come across this requirement to pay for the registration of their tenant who they are "subletting" to?

2 Is this legally permissible?
  1. Is this a fair amount for a registration process of one tenant?

17/07/2019 06:11

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