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nightmare tenant

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I have a troublesome tenant,stopped paying rent from 7th march, two months arrears, so have served him section 8 notice.

I phoned him yesterday to confirm that he has received the notice, he said (through interpreter) yes, he has. and then i asked when you are leaving? , he said as soon as the agreement ends.(which is feb 2016)i said you want to live on free rent????, he said yyyyyyyeesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last month ,when he fell in arrears first time,he mentioned that to me that he is going to claim housing benefit and then will look for the new house and move. I don't know whether he has a valid HB claim or not, but i rang council yesterday and asked them to pay me his HB directly if he is eligible as arrears are more than 8 weeks.As per Council officers advise I dropped an email for the benefit and now wait to see what happen.

Indirectly, I know he is subletting , he wont go till court evict him, he is earning money on my property, First nightmare tenant and hopefully the last!!!!

Any body have any advice/suggestions or experience to share with me???

18/04/2015 15:11

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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