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My tenants took up a 12 month tenancy on 21 December 2013 950 pcm. They paid the first months rent upto 28th January 2014 so they could have a payment date of 28th and from 28th February 2014 have paid 950 pcm.

On 23rd March 2015 we had a falling out over maintenance and the tenant refused to allow my dad to make good repairs(it was a water leak). He insisted on a competent plumber and if not he was ending the agreement. I agreed to end the agreement and made arrangements for the competent plumber to attend 3 days later, the tenant refused access to the plumber. A second appointment was made and the tenants failed to turn up. I tried to rearrange and they wrote to me telling me I could not access on the date of my letter.

I served two months notice by section 21 notice for not allowing access for maintenance 26 March 2015.

My question is, does there notice run from 24th March, the day the tenant spat his dummy at me. The 28th March for a month, the day they normally pay their rent. The 21st April the first rent due date per the tenancy agreement be it having rolled into a periodic tenancy.

Also does my section 21 notice overide when they can move out and they don't have to give notice.

I ask because they provided written notice on 13th April stating they are handing the keys back on the 29th. To my mind the rent is paid upto the 27th April so they will owe me 2 days. If notice runs from 21st April they will owe me from 28th April to 20th May 2015.

They have moved out yesterday but are not returning keys and I am not allowed access until 29th April. I have been unable to instruct agents or have viewings from prospective tenants, can I claim loss of rent for this?

To add insult to injury the house is filthy and kids have picked off paint and drawn on walls.
19/04/2015 11:14

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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