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Tenants that don't like gardening !

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So i have some tenants that have been with me for some 10 years now, never once missed a rent payment, nor have ever given me any grief in anyway.

Unfortunately though the garden is an absolute mess, they let the trees grow out of control and last year as a sign of goodwill i paid for a gardener to go round and tidy the place up a bit, trying to control overgrowth and potential damage to structure. I did mention to the tenants at the time that once under control if they could try and keep on top of it to which they agreed, but this year yet again its starting to overgrow and really needs a professional in i think to get on top of it.

If it was not for the fact they was great long term tenants i would probably be a bit harder on the subject, i dont really want to end up arguing and then they leave over it.
How would other landlords go about this situation ? I could send a gardener round once a year for a big clear up, i think it was £250 last year and then increase the rent £5 a week
which seems fair ?

21/07/2019 18:21

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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