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Electricity card meters.

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I have a studio flat which is 'all electric' and I decided to put in a card meter because the tenant is not working and hence in most of the time and potentially could consume a lot of electricity. He buys the cards of me for the meter (I have not bumped up the elect charges just set them at the rate I am being charged). Because I am not always there I also arranged for a local friend of mine to be 'on call' should the tenant need cards I am not available. This worked out well until recently when I found from my friend that the tenant had not requested cards for nearly 7 weeks. On further investigation I found out that a family member of the tenant had by passed the meter - the evidence being scorch mark on the plastic conduit housing the meter tails. The tenant admitted he had allowed this.
I am I within my legal right to refuse to sell him any more cards until he has paid a reasonable sum towards the electricity he has not paid for ? I already have given him a card he could not afford to pay for which he said he would put the payment on the next rental payment - and of course he has not done so. I have been very patient with this tenant and I have a Section 21 already agreed by the court, but I gave him another chance as he is in emotional and mental stress. I am not a good Landlord, I am too soft !

24/07/2019 00:31

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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