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Eviction of tenants - what can we do?

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One of the drivers for joining the RLA was a situation with a difficult tenant that is proving hard to resolve. The tenancy is long standing, 40+ years. Two ladies are in residence, mother and daughter. We have no official signed tenancy agreement in place due to the age of the arrangement. The mother is around 80, extremely aggressive to anyone knocking at the door and unable to get upstairs. The daughter is her carer but has early onset dementia and is around 60. Both are sleeping in the kitchen/dining room and the daughter is taking a commode upstairs to the toilet. They wash in the kitchen sink and this has corroded the flooring in the kitchen! The place is a disgrace, needs a full rewire for safety and we are unable to gain access to do any work. The tenants say they're quite happy, we've got social services involved to find them alternative housing but they aren't in a hurry and claim many people are happy living in these circumstances. We've been told by a solicitor that we can't issue a S21 because we don't have a tenancy agreement. A family member pays the rent sporadically and tells us that there are no suitable properties nearby according to the housing associations. This situation has run since January and is showing no signs of resolving itself. We don't want to make the tenants homeless but they aren't helping themselves either. It's not safe for them to continue living there despite their claim that they are happy. We can't do the necessary work with them in the house and given their situation it would not take long for the property to revert to a poor state were we to be able to do any work. We simply don't know what to do, we'd like to assist them getting housing but is there no obligation on our local authority to assist? The crazy thing is that the local authority are rejecting properties for them because there is a step within the property yet they are occupying our property and can only use two rooms. If anyone has been through this situation any advice on how to conclude would be much appreciated. We are responsible landlords but anyone visiting the property would not think so given the conditions.

24/07/2019 14:35

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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