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Advice re smoking and rent arrears

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We have a HMO with 5 tenants, unfortunately We have a tenant who smokes, initially he was smoking in his bedroom and we noticed cigarette buts and ash on the ground outside his window. we reminded him that he must smoke outside he couldn't smoke in the house. we provided sand buckets outside and put up notices for everyones attention not to smoke indoors.
Other tenants have since complained saying it is worse than ever and he continuously smokes indoors. we have put a letter under every tenants door stating that this is a no smoking house. other tenants have threatened to leave if this doesn't improve.
furthermore, this same tenant is 3 weeks behind on the rent. all other tenants are very happy and pay on time and like living in the house.

This guy hasn't yet paid me a deposit as he keeps saying he doesn't know if he is going to stay, and as a result I haven't yet provided him with a tenancy agreement. all other tenants have a contract.

I would appreciate some advice on how I should proceed.

Many Thanks
01/05/2015 18:20

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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