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I would be grateful for any advice please. Our married tenants, with two children moved into our property in March 2014. We gave them a six month assured short hold tenancy in joint names. They paid two months deposit, which we protected through TDS scheme and paid their first month’s rent in April; therefore being a month in arrears. Everything was going okay until about five months into the tenancy, the husband who my husband, had always been dealing with, changed jobs and he asked to make payments about 7 days later due to a change of his wages being paid. We agreed to this, however the days payments were made subsequently were late and unpredictable and in January no payment was made.
My husband telephoned the husband and was told they had marriage problems and he had moved out. He told us that his wife, who does not work, would continue to live in the property and rent was paid for February and March. We sent a letter to their address telling them they were in arrears for March and asking them if they wanted to make a payment to settle, pay at end of tenancy or pay out of their deposit. No payment was made in April and no response to our letter from either party. To relieve all the stress on my husband, I phoned the wife towards the end of April and told her as at 7th May they would be three months in arrears. I was told that payment would definitely be made by Monday (4/5/15) a bank holiday. She apologised for not letting us know and when I asked, told me she had been waiting for help from the authorities, and then told me she had not received our letter, so I emailed her a copy.
We are novices to the rental market and only began after our son moved out of the property following a failed apprentership. The property is in Hertfordshire and we are in Kent. Any advice out there would be really gratefully received. I was going to wait until Tuesday 5th May, to see how much, if any rent is paid. Not sure if we should be contacting husband now for the arrears and whether their contract should be changed, to reflect him moving out. Thank-you.

03/05/2015 19:37

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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