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I recently instructed a letting agent to find a tenant only. We agreed that I would accept a certain rental.
When I was checking the prospective tenants references I noticed that the rent the agent had written on the form was 100 less than they had advised me that I would be achieving on my form!
They said it was a genuine mistake.I pointed our that I was going to lose 1200 pa as a result of their error and the prospective tenant did not want to increase the rental.
I give the agent their due, after negotiation they have dropped my tenant find fee, so although I am still out of pocket, it is not as bad!
My question is, have other landlords ever experienced this happening - is it sharp practice that the agent wants to 'seal the deal' and just hopes that the landlord will not check the paperwork as they are just only to happy to have another tenant? Or is it a genuine error?
would be very interested if any other landlord has had this experience.
04/05/2015 17:25

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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