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Abandonment?? Do I have a strong Case??

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My DSS tenant stopped paying rent in February and I have been chasing her for several weeks. I have sent reminder and final demand letters to her and issued a section 8. I have applied to the court and have an hearing set for the 22nd June 15. I spoke to a neighbor who hasn't seen or heard my tenant since before Easter. This was backed up by the amount of post behind the door when I looked through letter box. I phone the tenant but just hangs up on me. I sent a text backed up with a letter to the property that I intend to enter the property to inspect it. I was attended with an other tenant. The property is in a complete mess with her rubbish left in all rooms but no beds, no TV, no dinning room table but has left F/F Washing machine, sofa. She has replaced one front door lock and removed the second leaving it less secure. She is not living at the property no food in fridge other than moldy and out of date items. All the evidence indicates that she has abandoned the property.

I have found out today, 4th May that she has signed a new tenancy on the 10th April.

Although I have applied to the court, it's a long wait until the hearing on the 22nd June.

I know that the abandonment process can be a grey and tricky area but as the tenant is living else where AND has signed another tenancy agreement, is this with the above findings enough evidence for abandonment process?



04/05/2015 21:33

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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