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HMO - tenant wanted to leave AST 7 months early

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Afternoon everyone - I need some help/advice please.
I have a tenant who asked to leave her AST early due to family issues a couple of months ago- I said I will try my best to fill the room so she can leave early ( it was a year AST with 7 months still to go). I explained to her that she was still liable for the rent until we had reached a date for her to surrender the tenancy agreement.
She paid the first monthís rent with no issue I finally had some people wanting to view the room so I checked with her and she said not a problem when I went to the room is was in a dreadful state and the bed was broken. I told her she would be liable for any repairs. Since then Iíve not heard from her
Rent was due last week - she has not paid it - Iíve tried to contact her via email. text and whattsapp but had nothing back from her.
Iíve tried to explain and sent her links from citizen advice about her and mine responsibilities - even saying Iím happy to work out some sort of payment plan if she is in financial difficulty.
I now have somebody who wants the room from the end of next month - I have told her this too but Iím not able to do anything until she surrenders the AST.
What should my next steps be please and advice would be great

29/07/2019 19:20

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