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I evicted a tenant with a Section 21, followed by Possession order then the Bailiff. After she received the Section 21 she reported a problem with her oven, I sent an electrician who said that one of the hotplates was not working but the oven and remaining 3 were fine. I wanted a price to supply and fit the part before I decided whether or not to replace the oven but she was evicted before the oven was repaired. There are rent arrears, court costs, cleaning costs and damage to the property which I am trying to claim from the deposit and a Council Bond. The tenant is disputing everything and it is getting very bitter (she even posted on a social media site quoting my name and warning people not to rent from me as I am a 'rogue landlady'). Has anyone had any experience using the ADR and what is your advice. She is saying that she has been advised to report me to the trading standards and demand a refund of rent and compensation. I've never had a problem before so don't know what to do but feel that going through the courts may enable me to get my money back for the Possession Order which she was ordered to pay but hasn't! HELP!!
11/05/2015 17:42

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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