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energy performance certificates costs and grants

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I have an HMO; each unit is separately heated. I infer from what I have read about EPCs that this means that I require a separate certificate for each unit. 7/8 of the units are bed-sitting rooms with the same type of electric fire, cooking facility, sink water heater and sash window. Therefore once one room has been assessed, the remainder are very nearly identical. Can I gain any saving within the scheme regulations - or from negotiation with the assessor? If the latter depends on the particular assessor, can you guide me to assessors that will come to some reasonable agreement that will save me money?
Separate units - The only way that I can significantly improve the energy efficiency is through improving the windows. The property is a grade 2 listed Regency terrace house. Cavity wall insulation is therefore not an option. Replacing the windows with modern double-glazed efficiently sashed windows that replicate the existing windows would be the only realistic means of increasing the energy efficiency significantly. Would these replacements be eligible and would the full 1500 actually be available per unit?
Common parts - As the roof-space affects the whole building (ie all units)will increasing the loft insulation to the recommended 270mm deep be eligible?
Some doors (2) and windows (3) belong to common parts of the building. Will these be eligible for grants to replace with better insulated equivalents?
Accessing Grants - To which organisation do I apply for grants and to what extent are the grants discretionary or mandatory?

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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