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Tenants threats of bullying

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Hi Everyone.

I have a tenant who stopped paying his rent over two months ago. Lost his job. Nothing but drama since.Its a six bed HMO, fully licensed and compliant.
He has sent me constant messages of bullying him, and harrassing him, claiming it has been in front of the other tenants.
He had been smoking in his room. First accusation of bullying him after I confronted him.
He had an uninsured, untaxed car abandoned outside the property for weeks. It's a VERY small cul de sac, with no room ever to turn a car around, you have to reverse out. Other tenants have 3 cars between them. Neighbours complain to me, as it was obviously abandoned. Told him to move it, or I would report it to the police. Which he did. But more accusations of bullying.
I once locked myself out of the house whilst taking the bins out after cleaning. No-one was home except him. I rang him to let me in, which he did. I then attempted to ask him to talk to me about his rent/job situation. He told me he was sleeping, and I should come back later. I told him I had other houses to clean, and he again accused me of bullying him.

It just goes on and on.

I served him a section 21 last week, and also a section 8 a few days later. I handed him the section 8 personally, and was told again, that I was harrassing him, and in future, he'd been advised, I had to give him 24 hours notice to speak to him.

He has had a successful claim for UC, and has told me he is in the process of claiming HB. A few weeks ago, he sent me a message saying he would be getting a job, working away in Slough, as a plasterer. He is a qualified plasterer.

Last week, the the tenants in the house rang me, to tell me they hadn't seen him since Friday, and they were concerned. It's a happy house, and they all get along. Albeit, they have fallen for his sad stories, and been feeding him every night. His phone was off.

I happened to check my junk email that day, and he had emailed me, telling me his Nan had died, and he was in Ipswich. I rang his mum, as his NOK. She told me he his nan hadn't died. She also then went on to say, she and he had fallen out over his bad behaviour, and she had told him, he was "going the wrong way "

I then got a different email from him, after obviously speaking to his mum, saying it was his girlfriends nan who had died, not his.

I had no idea why he felt the need to fabricate stories about his Nan dying out of the blue, and send me an email about it ? I suspected he had something to hide. Such as he had indeed gone away to work, and was trying to hide it from me.

I sent him an email, explaining that I didn't want to potentially be exposed to a fraudulent HB claim, if he is working away, as he told me he was. And that I would be writing to the council, to clarify the situation, and protect myself. I asked him to leave by Sunday. Or I would report him on Monday. I explained that I didn't want to, I just wanted to not get involved with fraud.

He has now sent me a barrage of emails accusing me again, of harrassment, and even said I have sent someone round there to threaten him for his rent ? ? ? And that he is going to see a solicitor on Monday.

because he has involved his housemates in his accusations, saying it was in front of them, I have spoken to them, and if needed, they have agreed to write statements that they have NEVER seen me bullying him, or harrassing him. Because it's not true.

This has all been going on for over 2 months. And his constant lies, and stories, and allegations, have had my head spinning. To the point that I went to my DR last week, and was prescribed a low dose of anti-anxiety medication. Which has helped. But these latest emails have me worried again.

Has anyone else been through this ? Being accused of bullying and harrassment ?

And what happens ? Does a judge take their side ?

Thank you all. And thank to everyone who has helped before.


03/08/2019 11:07

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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