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Lost the trust because of one tenant!

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Hi ,
I have a small portfolio , doing this for last 8 years , only one hiccup but it's not small niggle but coping.learnt a big lesson - will never ever do 2 years tenancy contract , only first 6 months and then periodic
This tenant - was subletting so told him to stop otherwise leave my property - so he did stop subletting but since then stopes paying - told me no subletting no rent. Since March ,no rent paid , so April i sent section 8 rent arrears notice but - in mean time -(stupid of me) sent email to council to check whether he is getting any hb and if he is getting then it should be me as it's more than 8 weeks arrears , he applied for it February but he didn't get any so council paid me for more than 1 and 1/2 month, so my section 8 became invalid but tenant not paid anything said its council responsibility to pay his all rent, he only gets more than half of the rent for his allowance . About 2 weeks ago,( soon after they paid me money) that his benefit is suspended and he doesn't provide the documents he been asked for than claim will be terminated. In this case this 8th of June , he will be in more than 2 months worth of arrears so we will send him another section 8 notice and take it from there ... If council starts paying then i will have to wait another month , but tenant is enjoying free home.... We check on him when we can to check the subletting thing but can't go there often as i don't want to get blame for harassment. I have many EU tenants , all apart from this are good ,generally i don't advertise my property but tell to my existing tenant and normally gets call for property all year round , now i have 2 properties which need tenants , got 8 calls in about month but lost the trust in people , how would i know if this bad tenant try to fix me with another of him in my other properties , the trust factor is gone!!!!

I am very calm with regards to rent arrears and possession , hope the day will come soon when i will get the possession.
I never buy legal cover for my btl insurance , if i had that cover , they would have paid court fees and solicitors fee too, ( i have learnt so much from this niggle)

Will shout here once i get the possession !!!!

25/05/2015 16:31

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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