Pre-Qualifying Veiwees for a shared house let to avoid time waster 'tyre kickers'?

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Just asking how colleagues handle requests for viewing rooms in a HMO property. My ads describe EXACTLY the sort[ age, lifestyle, character, status, occupation, budget-range] of the potential tenant(s) I'm looking for. Previously the ad alone has weeded out the 'ill matched'. This year folk seem very reluctant to answer 4 basic qualifying questions 1) age, 2) status, 3) budget incl bills, 4) how long a contract is needed & from when.

Being a HMO & because I'm Licenced, there's a need to be selective about 'house-mates' so 'like is matched with like', in other words, for a stress-free, very successful tenancy. This method has proved successful for 16 years. My high expectation is for similar folk to quickly gel & become house-buddies & with forethought they certainly do that. Strangers quickly become supportive house mates helped by the jolly 'house-warming' at the start of the Contract. Silk purse, sows ear premise here..because only certain types of folk are looking for this sort of harmonious set-up, or this type of my ads sets out.

I've had dozens of positive & very enthusiastic replies to my ad. Yes,yes, yes...just what I'm looking for, price right, all fine. Er no, I'm not answering your impertinent questions,just so you can probe into my background before I've said I'm even taking the room!
I'm aware there's so many scams out there nowadays, so yes 'renters' are wary. I offer my credentials so they can in return check me out with the LA. I provide them with exact details as the Consumer Regs now demand- yet many wish to turn up at a viewing appointment without me having so much as a name, or a contact number.
I refuse of course. I don't live near the rental Unit & personal safety precautions prevent me from meeting 'randoms', also an exchange of basic info beforehand indicates the strength of their commitment to the viewing. Or are they just tyre-kickers?

I know landlords have 'failed viewings, or no-shows', that's a fact of life. I just wanted colleagues views on what steps they take to pre-qualify potentials to see if they are worth a punt. If one lives close to the Unit & if it's empty, that's different from needing to ask tenants' permission to organise viewings. I can't accept every request for a viewing, their must be a weeding-out process & it's this process many enquirers wish to circumvent.

Many landlords reading this would say that my ad may do the trick by ensuring self-selecting potentials apply; so why the query. This year I've noticed a huge change in that dozens love the ad & all the goodies it promises; but then churlishly refuse to provide the simple details I describe above. One respondent loved the integrity portrayed in my advert she said... ''but would instead go with a landlord 'gagging to show her a property' without asking her status or occupation''. My last ad had 297 respondents, this one has 220 so far because of it's highly popular location, facilities, amenities & price. Most of the replies 'are pants'.
I'll hold out for the right customer who matches requirements & therefore will easily slide into the harmonious house share. I'll continue kissing frogs until I discover the prince, or princess of the incumbents' dreams.

Do you have a pre-qualifying set of questions before conducting a viewing in a HMO, or a non- HMO? Remembering that circumstances do alter cases, it's still useful to hear other view points or experiences. Thanks in advance for those.
26/05/2015 02:04

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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