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Would someone please take a look at my figures?

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Jo Bloggs
Jo Bloggs
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I'd just like confirmation of the rent arrears as they stand at the moment and want to make sure I have my figures correct. Would someone mind confirming I have this right?

Rent each calendar month is £900 payable in advance.

The last payment I received was £350 received on the 24th June for rent due on the 21st May. Up to date prior to that.

So the 21st May payment was short by £550

21st June short by £900

21st July short by £900

Daily rate continues to accrue at £29.58 per day.

Is that correct?

They are saying they intend to leave on the 2nd September. IF this happens, AND they pay no more rent, the arrears will be;

12 days at £29.58 (21st July to 2nd August) £354.96
Plus £2350 above
Total of £2704.96

05/08/2019 14:58

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