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I own a property outright. It is a simple detached building comprising a flat above an office. I want to separate out the residential use upstairs from the commercial use downstairs. The aim is to make the residential unit - which is standalone with its own entrance and
facilities into a readily mortgagable entity capable of gaining a standard buy to let loan secured against it. At the same time the ground floor commercial use is an investible asset capable of being bought (invested in) by my pension. To achieve this i beleive i need to carve out leasehold titles for the residential flat unit and for the commercial offices - naturally under a governing freehold. As the leaseholder and the freeholder must be different legal entities i believe i need to set up a limited company to own the freehold whilst i own the leaseholds. Does all this make sense and is the end result likely to achieve a wide pool of competitive BTL lenders willing to remortgage the residential flat and take a first charge against it. I'm trying to avoid high cost 'specialist' commercial lenders who are also thinner on the ground. Thank you

06/08/2019 18:43

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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