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Which is Quickest Section 21 or Section 8?

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I have a very long standing tenant who can no longer afford her rent. She wants to be evicted so that the council home her. She is 3 months behind with her rent but we have an amicable relationship. She is on an AST which has long expired. I served a Section 21 which expires on 19th August but I could also serve a Section 8 for the Rent Arrears. The council have encouraged her to do nothing after the Section 21 deadline expires and postpone and delay for as long as possible so I'm wondering if the Section 8 with a 14 day notice would reduce the amount of time it takes to regain possession or for the Council to take more notice.
I am reasonably confident the tenant won't play games, she wants to be rehoused by the council ASAP but she doesn't want to make herself intentionally homeless.
So in summary, what is the quickest way to regain possession of my property bearing in mind my Section 21 notice expires on 19th August and I could serve a Section 8 on 16th August for rent arrears? Cost is no object, I just need her out so that I can re-let the property.Thanks.

07/08/2019 09:52

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