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We have two apartments that are currently let and managed by one letting agent. We purchased one of the properties from the same agent and moved immediately to them letting it for us, we have since used them to let out one of other properties.

In March last year the letting agent were struggling to find new tenants for both of the properties, they asked if we would be interested in moving to a guaranteed rent option. At the time we didn't want to be out of rent on two properties at once so we accepted. We were assured that they would still be managing the properties as normal.

A couple of months ago we started receiving complaints from other leaseholders of one of the buildings about our tenant. We relayed the messages to the leaseholder and asked they intervene to resolve the issues. It took a little while but they seemed to be resolved now.

Now in the past few weeks we received messages from the other leaseholder of the property that we purchased through the letting agent. He was complaining about the tenant not locking the main door properly, leaving personal items in his areas etc. Again we asked the letting agent to intervene but it went back and forth and seemed to take too long to resolve.

Now at the same property there was water leaking from our bathroom into the ceiling of the downstairs flat. We notified the letting agent immediately but it took them 2.5 days to go and inspect the damage. It then took them a further week to get it fixed. They claimed that we weren't taking responsibility of the issue but that's not true as we alerted them immediately, we then asked them to get the leaking stopped so the repairs can be assessed. Also now there is further damage to the downstairs flat that we're liable for.

In the past some maintenance has been covered by the company so we were asking if this was similar. There were other damages to the flat that didn't seem like wear and tear so we asked if the company could/would repair and make good.

To cut a long story short we have since found out that the tenants placed in both properties are potentially people on benefits and/or homeless. Obviously we were alarmed to find this out! We have been asking for months for tenants details but the agent is slow in responding and always forgets.

We'd like to now end the relationship and take back the properties. It says in our initial contract with the letting agent that we can give 2 months written notice which we're thinking of doing it now.

There is another issue that's just come up today. We received an email from the letting agent saying that 7 days ago some of the damaged ceiling allegedly fell onto a guest of the tenant. The letting agent then said that there may be a claim put forward and we should tell our insurance company. However the letting agent visited the tenant and guest immediately and no injury was evident, no ambulance was called and one week after the incident no hospital records have been submitted.

My questions are mainly based around any knowledge of terminating relationships if a company is involved. Also with the tenant making a claim, obviously we wish a tenant no harm bu surely they should have seen a doctor immediately or told the letting agent that they were injured. Could it be that the letting agent is concerned that we're about to end the agreement and they're trying to scare us.

Any thoughts or feedback would be most helpful. Many thanks!

07/08/2019 14:53

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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