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Exasperated Landlord
Exasperated Landlord
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Hi Everyone,

First time poster so pls excuse etiquette breaches etc...

I have a delinquent tenant who has failed to pay rent, ignored Section 8 Notice, and refused to move out by the date defined within the possession order granted by the judge!!

I now have a bailiffs eviction date booked for late August. However my concern is that the bailiff (having spoken to him) seems reluctant to make any guarantees about achieving possession. He has acknowledged that he can use “reasonable force” but has already said he won’t be dragging anyone out of the property. He’s suggested he may call the police to seek there assistance but is not sure they would attend. He’s also said that if the tenant isn’t in he will have to re-book and if the tenant refuse to allow access there’s nothing he can do at all other than try to persuade the tenant to allow access!

It almost seems to me that if the tenant just refuses entry the bailiff is powerless...This situation could then perpetuate itself almost indefinitely.

I would welcome opinion comment on how this might ultimately play out...


10/08/2019 19:54

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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