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I am looking for help to ensure the s21 notice I'm going to serve [downloaded from this site] is absolutely correct. I've looked at the notes here and other sites, can you tell me if I've gone wrong;

1. Tenant took occupancy 1st Nov 2008 on a 12 month AST.
2. Rent date 10th of the month.
3. The S21(1)(b); cannot expire within 1st 6 months of tenancy, am I correct the notice expires after "2 May 2008"
(6 month plus one day for delivery)
4. If I deliver the notice tomorrow (dated 21st Jan 08) this is longer then mandatory 2 months and just outside the 6 month tenancy period, is this ok? I expect having to get court order/bailiff as HB Tenant stated she not going anywhere till she ready or has too.

Is there anywhere else I need to put info i.e. another dates?

Tenant has already been served a S8 notice, lodging court papers Tues, I was advised to serve S21 in case tenant defends and drags out proceedings.

The flat is in a really bad state after 3 months of occupancy so I want it back using the cheapest, quickest legal process available.

20/01/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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