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2 section 21ís at same time but different dates

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Can i issue a fresh s21 to a tenant before the current one has reached itís 6 month validity term ? Tenant in rent arrears - tenancy ended some time ago, so on rolling notice. issued s21(6a) 04/07/19 so can apply to court for possession anytime between 04/09/19 and 04/01/20. Tenant has offered plan to pay off arrears over 6 months. If tenant stopped paying rent just after 04/01/20, I would have to issue another s21, say, on 05/01/20, but then could not apply to court until after 05/03/20. Dont really want to evict as they are decent people who just had a run of bad luck but obviously want to cover myself as much as possible. Can i issue another s21 on, say, 04/11/19 so that, the day after the current s21 becomes void, i would, if necessary, still be able to apply to the court for possession without any delay?

12/08/2019 14:05

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