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Hi there
We have rented out our house to a family, this was through a letting agent, for what we thought was a one off introduction fee of 5% which was 800. After this fee we have had no contact with them and they have done nothing for us. Now that the initial one year contract has expired, the tennants are still in the house and are paying monthly rent but we have not signed any new contract with the agents. They have sent us a bill for the same amount again though saying it happens every year and it is in the contract we signed. I have read the contract and it does say they will charge us the same amount if we have a new contract with anyone if the same tennants are in the house, but a) We don't have a new contract and b) Wouldnt this come under the unfair contract terms act? and c) As they havent done anything how can they justify any charge.
This subject comes up online in several places and the advice is very different, some people say ignore it and some say you have to pay it.
Please could you let us know your opinion of whether we have to pay this amount? And what our options are.

19/06/2015 11:34

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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