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Hi All
I've got a tenant who I let in my property with no deposit but I have a guaranto in place as she comes from a good family.

To talk to her face to face she is very quiet and nice but behind her txt msgs she's the most horrible tenant I've ever come across,she will send me txt after txt for a full day calling me the worst landlord,stuck up,that the house is a disgrace when clearly theres nothing wrong with it,she complained about the deco so to keep her quiet I bought her loads paint,she complained about the ceiling so I got it plastered,she complained about the floor so I got her new laminated flooring,she complained about the garden so I had an agreement with her if I reduce rent by 25 each month then she looks after garden,she complains every month and calls me allsorts and threatens me with environmental health and rent ascessor I said to her i'l ring them myself this just makes her even more angry.
She says that I don't care about my tenants and the safety of the children and that her child fell over and I was to blame I told her that her children are not my responsibility if the fall over and that the grass just needs cutting which is down to her.

She has admitted that if I evict her then she will get a council house which I don't say why I should pay so she can get what she wants but if I do have to evict then I'm gonna have to give her a bad reference. but it will be a true one as place is a mess,neighbour complaint about revving cars on drive and her nastiness towards me.

Strangely enough she pays her rent but I just get loads hassle everytime its due.

I have spoken to council about her as its like harassment but they say theres nothing I can do about it (would be different if it was other way round)whys that where all human. just goes to show landlords haven't got a leg to stand on.
She txt the other day and called me a silly cow so now I think this is going too far.

Any advice on help to have her stop txting me like this as it can be very upsetting as she's well out of order.
21/06/2015 23:49

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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