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Rent arrears

graeme grace
graeme grace
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I have an existing mother and daughter tenant, the daughter is now 19 I believe this makes her an occupant. The tenant has previously been paying weekly £100 as per the original signed contract. I visited the property to do some minor repairs and to check all was ok. Mother and daughter were there but she had some employment difficulties. Afterwards my tenant decided she would change her payments to monthly £400. After which she stopped communicating. Then stopped paying her rent.
My tenant is now 9 weeks behind on rent or two months as she puts it. I have sent letters and tried to phone her but no response.
Its a rolling contract outside its original fixed term. Can I use a section 21 to evict her and her daughter who may now be at university. I have done all the necessary paperwork at the initial stage but I didn't take a deposit. Also how much notice should I provide but its difficult if she isnt responding. Please advise. Thanks Graeme

21/08/2019 10:43

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