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We have five properties that we have been letting happily for around 10 years, never any problems. Maybe foolishly we have always prepared our own inventories, which we have gone through with our tenants. This has always worked well for us and we've never had any issues.
Now we have a new tenant, who has moved to the area to work for a large company. Although the AST is in the name of our tenant, and he signed all the paperwork, there has been a middleman in the form of a relocation agent. As we were checking our tenant in, an inventory clerk arrived, sent by the relocation company. He behaved very aggressively and imo talked a lot of nonsense (for e.g. claiming it was illegal for us to be there during the check-in, illegal for the tenant to sign the inventory himself). His plan was to go away and prepare a report, which he said he would send to us so we could make changes to our inventory. Our response was that we wouldn't be making changes, but would certainly add his report as an addendum, after checking its contents.
This was a month ago. Tenant has returned our inventory, signed, no comments. He said that he has seen the inventory clerk's report and basically all it did was "add" comments that were already there, though he did mention that the overall tone was rather negative.
I've spoken to the relocation agent and they've said we won't get to see the report and shouldn't expect to.

What do you think? Should I forget it or insist on seeing the report? Should the unlikely happen and there be some sort of a dispute, could anyone rely on an inventory clerk's report that we hadn't been allowed to see or comment on? What would the deposit services think of that?
08/07/2015 12:47

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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