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Court claims post a successful statutory declaration

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Darryn Almeida
Darryn Almeida
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I have a tenant who caused damage to one of my properties and left without paying their last month's rent.

I've successfully retained the deposit from DPS via a statutory declaration (she's not engaged with any communication since leaving) but am left with a further amount of about £350 to claim. I want to claim this regardless of how small the figure is. I understand that there is no guarantee of me getting the money and this is a risk I'm ok to take.

My questions:
1) Has anyone had a positive outcome from a situation such as this?
2) Is there an investigation into what was claimed against the deposit via statutory declaration even though they did not engage with the process or is the discussion completely limited to the £350 I am claiming and the associated evidence?


27/08/2019 19:59

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